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Hydrologic Cycle Hydrologic Cycle

As with any Beaurocratic program or legistlation the ACT 167 has it own share of cryptic terminology. Lets discuss some of the more commons terms and their use!

Stormwater Frequency - Stormwater frequency is based on the chance of a storms reoccurance over the years. Simply a 100 year storm has the chance of occuring once every 100 years. These frequencies range from a 1 year storm to a 100 year storm. The concern over these storms is the amount of anticipated rainfall,  in inches, over 24 hours. These values range from state to state, district to district.

Ground Cover. Two conditions of groundcover are asessed. The first is the "Pre-Development" condition and second is the "Post-Development" condition. The impact these conditions have on stormwater runoff is the "Rate" and "Volume" of runoff. Not only do these conditions impact downstream flooding conditions but also the quality of runoff. Direct runoff from paved surfaces carry large amounts of petrolium hydrocarbon. Also the temperature of the runoff is elevated and can have impact on fisherys.

Impervious Surfaces Impervious Surfaces

Now here is the major bone of contention. What is exactly an impervious surface? This may seem like a stupid question, because it is. However, believe it or not, not all townships consider the same surface to be impervious? Again the only way to find out is to ask the township, or read their ordinances, or call us. We would be able to answer that question for their undertanding TODAY! It could possibly change the next day or week.

If you are busy you don't have time for this. If you make the wrong assessment and the regulations change your cost could escallate appreciately. This could take away any profit. You are not doing this for practice!

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Only a Registered Professional Structural Engineer can supercede the code with good engineering judgement.


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